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Welcome to Watchoid Films

Welcome to the documentary section of Watchoid Films! We believe that documentary filmmaking is one of the most powerful mediums for exploring the complexities of our world and sparking important conversations. Our team of dedicated filmmakers has a passion for telling stories that matter, whether it's about travel, music, human rights, or cultural identity. We are committed to creating documentaries that are thought-provoking, emotionally engaging, and visually stunning. Our goal is to give a voice to the underrepresented and shed light on the issues that affect us all.

Here you will find a diverse range of documentary projects that we have been involved with. From intimate, personal stories to larger-scale productions, our documentaries seek to entertain as well as challenge the audience. We invite you to explore our work and join the conversation. With every documentary we make, we hope to inspire, provoke thought, and make a difference in the world.

What we offer

At Watchoid Films, you don’t need to go around looking for things if you lack them. When you get in touch with us for your documentary, we will ensure to provide you the following


Believes in providing the high-quality audience documentary as per the market demands.

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Experienced Team

Our dedicated team will abide by the technical and artistic standards to meet your requirements.

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We make sure to provide you all the equipment for your documentary on different levels.

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Watchoid Documentaries

The expert producers and filmmakers will make sure to take care of understanding who you are and what you do to create the right documentary for you.

Beautiful and informed factual storytelling

A documentary must be authentic and real so that the audience connects to it. The documentary should have a completely personal touch for aesthetic appeal.

Short Form Documentaries And Case Studies

Short documentaries are great ways to communicate case studies, character portraits or important moments. A powerful, three minute film can move and inspire.

Who Do We Produce Documentaries For?


We have made films that have followed university research projects and long-term documentaries about teachers in schools. All of our team are DBS checked and experienced at working with children and vulnerable adults.


What is the story behind your business? How does your business solve a problem, and who the people who make it happen ? Let documentary content tell your story.


Tell the story of your work and build engagement. Communicate ideas, share ideas and reveal the process of an artist, a conservation project or a stage production.


Factual story-telling can communicate the need and impact of your work. Compelling documentaries can help with awareness, advocacy and fund-raising.


We have have produced everything from short case studies to long-form documentaries about international research projects.

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