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Animation & Visual Effects: Tools for the Working World

We’ve assembled a seasoned world-class team of production industry professionals, who understand what producers and crew need.

We pride ourselves on our ability to push boundaries in order to create engaging content that delivers your brief and excites audiences. Our team of VFX specialists are dedicated to bringing your imagination to life and making the seemingly impossible, possible.

At Watchoid, our dedicated team of Animation & VFX specialists, designers and producers work collaboratively with your team to produce the best results for your project that not only meet your objectives, but go above your expectations.

We aim to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, keeping in touch throughout the project to ensure that you’re satisfied with the service you receive. Watchoid studio is based in Leeds, and we’d love to welcome you to discuss your requirements in-person, or if you’re a bit further afield, we’re happy to communicate digitally, too!

We understand what producers want

When working with Watchoid Films you are working with an experienced team, bursting with creativity with the skills needed to bring your vision to life. Our VFX specialists will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure the perfect final result for the project.



Pre-production stage is all about planning. To ensure that the project is delivered on time, to budget, and to the highest standard possible it is imperative that all planning is done before the project can progress. Our team works closely with you to develop a storyline to the film, then we create the script and work on securing any locations, actors, props, studios etc.


This stage is when all the filming for the project will take place. Our team ensures that all the live action content needed for the project is secured in this period, so that our post-production team has everything they need to add the visual effects that will really bring the creative vision to life and take this live action footage from real to surreal.


In post-production, visual effects are applied to the live action footage - this includes CGI, colour editing, sound effects and more in order to achieve the desired outcome for the film.


After reviewing the footage between both of our teams, the final film will be delivered to you, ready to launch across multiple media platforms and channels.

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Quality & commitment is where we pride ourselves. We always deliver what we promise and we always promise what we deliver.